for Mom & Baby

Seed Two Harvest by LifeHouse is a safe, everyday products line created to bring life to mom and baby. We believe when mom is taken care of so is baby. Handcrafted in Houston, Seed Two Harvest proceeds provide jobs and funds to women in unplanned pregnancies as well as life to the unborn.


For Mom & Baby

How it Works

Together, we light the way for women seeking sanctuary by providing housing, healing, and meaningful jobs.

Life For The Unborn

Many women desire to choose life, but face circumstances so devastating that they feel as if they have no choice. We offer a stable job and resources to women who feel as though they have none.

Meaningful Employment

We equip moms and soon-to-be moms with small business skills and provide a loving space to grow in self sufficiency.


Employees receive personalized job training with mentors who know her story and her potential. She is connected to a community that nurtures her well-being and her future.

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