Our Why

Seed Two Harvest seeks to affirm life for the unborn and give dignity to the vulnerable.

Our Heart

The woman we serve is a single mother who has chosen life for her baby after an unplanned pregnancy. She has significant barriers to employment and often lacks the ability to provide for herself and her child. We offer her access to resources that empower her to choose LIFE and work towards self- sufficiency.

Our Hope

We believe new and redeemed life for mom allows a full and thriving life for baby. Many of the mothers we serve have experienced orphanhood, poverty, and/or homelessness. Seed Two Harvest works towards her restoration and renewal by creating a healing work environment that also teaches her the small business skills she will need to build a sustainable future. This looks like providing her with trauma-informed care and access to life-giving resources. Every mother is welcomed into a community with personalized training from mentors who know her story and her potential.

Our hope is to walk alongside mothers in their journey towards self-empowerment by allowing them the ability to provide for their babies. In this way, we hope to sow seeds of generational change and provide long-term stability for both mom and baby.

Our How

Seed Two Harvest provides:

Life For
The Unborn

Many women desire to choose life, but face circumstances so devastating that they feel as if they have no choice. We offer a stable job and resources to women who feel as though they have none.

Meaningful Employment

We equip moms and soon-to-be moms with small business skills and provide a loving space to grow in self sufficiency.

Community & Healing

Employees receive personalized job training with mentors who know her story and her potential. She is connected to a community that nurtures her well-being and her future.